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The ArisTICAts Club is a cat club affiliated with The International Cat Association (TICA).

We host pedigree and household pet cat shows in Dublin, with our first show being held in 2016 in Dublin, with approximately 100 cats competing in various classes for our 4 international judges over the weekend, this was an encouraging response to a hastily put together show (we organised the whole show within 3months to replace a show cancelled by another club).

Our aim is to provide a platform for cat breeders, enthusiasts and owners to come together and have a place to share their mutual love for the feline species. We hope to encourage responsible ownership, teach the public about husbandry, behaviour and educate them on the various breeds and the uniqueness of non-pedigrees and show them that cats can make fantastic pets just as much as dogs! 

For breeders and people interested in pedigree cat breeds it is a great tool for learning about the recognised breeds and how they should look, you can learn if the cat you have fits within the written standard for your breed (all standards for the recognised cat breeds can be found on the TICA website), or find a breeder who has the type of cat you like. The most important part of breeding is breeding for health, however the standards are important to ensure you breed healthy animals that look and act like the breed they should be. Always ensure any breeder you look into is breeding ethically, shows are a great way to meet a breeder you may have contacted on social media. We also have plenty of rescue cats, whose owners would be only too happy to discuss the benefits of adoption and where to go.

Cats compete for titles across a number of different classes over either one or two days, entering into 'judgement rings' with each of the invited judges. Spectators and owners are invited to watch the judgement process at each ring. 

TICA shows are very hands on, you stay with your cat all day and carry them from ring to ring. It can be a great bonding oppurtunity for your pet, some cats really come out of their shells and revel the oppurtunity to show off. It's a great way to socialise cats and kittens and teach them to become confident individuals.

If you don't have a cat that's ok! TICA encourages the public to come and visit, and most exhibitors are only too thrilled to talk about their cats and show them to you - just please ask the owners permission before you touch their cat.

If you have any questions or want more information please contact us at or check out our Facebook page here or our Facebook group here.