This show is using TOES to accept entries. Please go to

How to enter a show using TOES

  1. If you have never used TOES before then you will need to set up an account first (you can use Facebook or other social media accounts for ease, or use an email)
  2. Once you have done this select the 'my cats' tab and add the cats you would like to show, with all the necessary information (for any assistance on adding cat details please email
  3. After you have added cats to your account click the 'Show Calendar' tab and scroll down to November 25-26th until you see our show 'The Aristicats Club, Dublin, Ireland'.
  4. Click our show and wait for the drop down information to appear.
  5. Scroll down past the show information section, at the bottom of this you will two options. If you know which cat you want to bring to the show select and have registered their details on your account then select 'add new entry' and select the cat. If you don't know what cat you would like to bring select 'add placeholder'.
  6. Select which days you would like to enter the show - you can do one or both days. If you only choose to enter the show for one day you cannot change your mind after November 13th (including on the day of the show). Click 'Next'.
  7. Ignore the next section and just click 'next' (we do not allow the buying or selling of cats at the show).
  8. On the next section please enter how many double spaces you require into the relevant box. We do not do single spaces. You can have 2 adults sharing one double space, or 3 kittens. If you have more cats or kittens you will need more spaces. We encourage you to allow your cats to share pens where possible as it saves space and they usually appreciate the company, however you can have one cat in one double pen if required. Personal cages must be 4ft by 2ft or smaller.
  9. Select whether you will be bringing a personal cage or not, selecting 'no' means we will charge you for a rental pen and supply it at the show, selecting 'yes' means you will bring your own pen on the day.
  10. Choose whether you will require a grooming space. Grooming spaces are 20€ and are dependant on whether we have space available in the hall. You will be refunded on the day if we cannot supply your grooming space.
  11. Benching request - please right the full names of any friends you would like to be penned near. We cannot guarantee you will be penned beside your friends but we will try our best to have you nearby.
  12. Tick the box accepting TICA's show rules (Agreeing to abide by TICA's rules, including an agreement that all entries will be paid for once you click save, even if you cancel or don't show up on the day).
  13. Click save and you are done!
  14. If you have any extra cats to enter then follow the stops above again, changing the penning information as necessary.
  15. You've entered the show!

If you have any questions don't be afraid to email us at