The ArisTICAts Club

Proudly Presents Our Second Show
A 2 Day Back-to-Back Championship All Breed and Household Pet TICA Show


Laurie Schiff - Approved Allbreed, USA
Hélène Guillaume - Provisional Allbreed, France
Jane Allen - Approved Allbreed, UK
Marion Schiff - Provisional Allbreed, USA
Françoise Dubois - Approved Allbreed (Guest Judge), France


Leisurepoint Sport and Fitness Centre,
Cardiffsbridge Road,

This is a 10 ring show with 'allbreed' and 'specialty' rings, congresses, fancy dress, raffles, stalls, Best in Show, a Junior Exhibitor ring and much more!

Entry clerk and show manager: Aimee Henson

For information and queries email

You must send payment with your entry; we will not confirm your entry until we receive payment. We will refuse entry to any persons with outstanding fees due on the day of the show. Placeholders are considered full entries and must be paid. All cats entered must be paid for, even if cancelled before the closing date.


Entry Fees

1 day entry
1st cat: €75 for first cat in own pen

2nd cat: €70 for a second cat sharing own pen.

3rd cat: €65 for third cat in additional own pen
All extra cats charged at €60

Pen rental: €10


2 day entry

1st cat: €90 for first cat in own pen

2nd cat: €85 for second cat sharing own pen

3rd cat: €80 for third cat in own pen

Pen rental: €10



4 cats in two double pens (owned), sharing = €320 (for 2 day entry only). Rental pens are an extra €15 for two.

Any extra cats after the 4th will be charged at €60 each.

Exhibition pen: €35
'Exhibition Only' sharing with a full entry cat: €15

Grooming space €20


Tardy Turtle:

€10 per day for late payments/placeholder confirmation.

Substituting a cat is charged at €10 per cat, allowable until last entry date. Once the catalogue is printed there will be NO substitutions or entries taken.


Bank details;
Acct Number: 10614028
Sort Code: 985170
IBAN: IE64ULSB98517010614028

(UK exhibitors: We also have a UK bank account that you can pay into to facilitate easy payment, please contact us for details).


Paypal account: (please pay via ‘family and friends’ or we will add a €5 charge per cat)


Online entry form available at


If any info needs to be changed once an entry has been made then please contact the entry clerk as soon as possible at

Entry fees and all related services must be paid before the last day of entry (November 13th) or you will incur the Tardy Turtle fine.
If you have any questions about fees and/or the entry process please contact us at


Closing Date:

Last entries will be taken at midnight on November the 13th 2016.

Official show times are 10am – 6pm Sat and Sun
You may not leave early nor arrive late without communicating with the master clerk/entry clerk/show manager. Judging starts at 9.30am, vetting in is from 0800-0915.

Overseas exhibitors

The Dublin ferry ports are 10-20minutes drive from the show hall.


We have a competitive ferry deal through IrishFerries, we have arranged for a single car plus 2 occupants at £95 each way, please email for more info!



This show does not have a designated ‘show hotel’, however the following hotels are known to accept cats:

Glenmore hotel: (01) 840 3610

Travel Lodge Phoenix Park: (01) 820 2626

Ibis: (01) 464 1480

Hilton Dublin Airport: (01) 866 1800


(if calling from the UK use ‘00353’ and remove the first zero in the phone number)



This is a vetted show

Saturday and Sunday 8am-9.15 all exhibitors must vet in once and present up-to-date vaccination cards, and collect your catalogue. Please inform us if you will be absent either day if you have booked a 2-day entry.



Online entries will receive confirmation in 1-2 days of entry ONLY if you have also paid. No confirmations will be sent without payment. It is your responsibility to ensure you have received a confirmation, if you have not received a confirmation please email the entry clerk – Aimee Henson at before the closing date of show.



The club will provide rental pens at €15 per double pen, you can alternatively bring your own pen (Sturdi Pen, for example) for no extra cost, they must fit within the designated bench space. Requests for benching beside friends should be sent with your entry – but these requests cannot be guaranteed! You will be given your pen number on entry, and rows will be identified by letter.



This is a vetted show. All cats must be seen by one of our vets prior to entry to the show hall. Cats showing signs of illness, parasites or fungal infection will not be permitted to the show hall. All cats should be in date with their annual vaccines. Records must be produced at vetting in. Cats from households where there has been an infectious disease or fungal infection within 21 days of the first day of the show are ineligible for entry. Any cat pregnant or lactating will be disqualified. All claws front and back must be clipped.


Household Pets:

If unsure of colour/pattern send a picture with your entry. If entered under the wrong colour we can change this on the day of the show. If your cat has a bushy tail then it should be entered as a longhair! Household pet adults must have been neutered/Altered by 8 months. HHP’s do not need to be registered, however for confirmation of titles they need to be registered by their second show.


Clerks & Stewards:

Please email if you would be willing to clerk for us. Clerks will receive €35 per day and free lunch, or a free entry in lieu of payment. Stewards will receive €10 and a free lunch. If you have any questions about clerking/stewarding please email us. 


New Exhibitors:

Welcome to your first show! We are delighted you have chosen our inaugural show as your first venture into the world of Fabulous Felines, Fun and Friendship! Please indicate on your entry that this is your first show, and if you need any help entering please contact Aimee ( or post to our Facebook group -

There will be an introduction to showing in the morning before judging begins for all new exhibitors, please take part as a judge will explain all the ins and outs of a typical TICA show and explain how it is run.



With the exception of Preliminary New Breeds, Advanced New Breeds and New Traits (all of whom MUST be registered before the show), registration with TICA is not necessary to compete for a cat’s first show, but is required for confirmation of titles and scoring for the TICA regional/international scoring and awards. As noted above, HHP’s do not need to be registered unless you would like to earn points, titles and awards.



Please bring your own litter/trays/cat food/water/dishes and bedding. Pen curtains are optional. Waste bins will be provided, please bag all litter before putting it in the bin as a courtesy to us and your fellow exhibitors.


Please keep the area around your pen as clean and tidy as you found it out of respect for us, your fellow exhibitors, spectators and the leisure centre.


Friendly Reminder:

Please leave your hotel room in the condition you found it, remove ALL waste from litter trays both days so that cleaners do not have to deal with them. Also remove the tray or cover it for daytime whilst you are away.


The condition of your hotel room reflects on the entire cat fancy. Please help keep your hotel cat friendly.



By Entering exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the judges, the rules and regulations of The International Cat Association (TICA). Copies of the show rules and registration information are available for $7 each from TICA, PO Box 2684, Harlingen Texas 78551 USA or can be viewed online via



The Leisure Point Sport and Fitness, ArisTICAts club and The International Cat Association cannot be held responsible for injury, loss, damage to cats, exhibitors or vendors or personal property of anyone in attendance.